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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slow day

Nothing of any interest really happened today.  Just lectures and busy-work in my classes.  Suppose I should be thankful, what with that blasted video project consuming a fair chunk of the (admittedly copious) free time I have.  I'm just going to knock the editing for that out as best I can with what I have between now and Thursday morning.  If we're lucky, which there's an 80% we will be, we won't have to present until next Monday (Though, since all my luck has inexplicably been conscripted to the "Avoid Personal Injury Corps.", that probability is likely reduced).  That said, I'm not touching that thing this weekend without a damn good reason.

Just so you have something to look at, I made this:

I should probably start doing "Slow Day Anecdotes" or something on days like this so I have something to post.  Because I know that, if I start skipping days, I'm going to fall off the horse again.

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