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Thursday, March 22, 2012

All's Fair in Love, War, and Politics

This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but I was up until 2 a.m. last night editing that damn video (Which is officially completed.  We're presenting on Monday.  Still wanna tell Mr. Grrr to shove a video camera up his ass, though).

So, yesterday the school ate up a collaboration period for speeches from the Associated Student Body Council candidates for next year.  [waves hands above head] Yay democracy! Whoo! [/looking like a moron].  Anyway, to kick things off, the Assistant Principal of Campus Life went on a short tangent on how great the democratic process is and how lucky we are to have it in this country and in this school.  I have no beef with democracy and voting.  I think having the chance to have the all damns I give be reflected in policy is a cause worth fighting for, truth be told.  The problem is, in most cases, be it in a school of a few heads shy of a thousand or a country of over 311 million, the damn you give is not going to be the one reflected in policy unless it's popular opinion; that's just the way this works.  Now, in no way am I advocating catering to the minority.  If we made policies to agree with every dissenter, every person with even the tiniest discrepancy in opinion, we'd have 311 million wheels each trying to pull the car in a different direction.  We'd be going nowhere fast.  The only reason democracy has worked for as long as it has is because most of the minorities learn to suck it up and deal until next vote.  While rallies, demonstrations, and speeches are a good way to pick up enough people to push into the majority, there's one very important thing to remember: don't make yourself look like an idiot.  Yes, lighting cars on fire, looting buildings, smashing windows, starting riots, shutting down economic thoroughfares (coughcoughportofoaklandcough), protesting funerals (coughcoughwestborobaptistchurchcough), while these things get you attention, the part of this country that is actually intelligent (which I hope is larger than I think it is) isn't going to jump in.  They're going to laugh at you.  They're going to tell you all the reasons why you're a moron and your demonstrations are during more harm than good.  "It's the thought that counts" only applies to gifts.  When it comes to trying to promote change, you better have more than a thought.  You better have more than two thoughts.  And no, they shouldn't involve any part or combination of "Eating," "Sleeping," and "Sex."

Ok, I'm rambling, but you get the point.  I believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America gives us the right to freedom of speech and assembly.  It gives us the right to speak our minds (I'll get to expected limits of decency on that another time).  Last time I checked, it didn't protect the right to be heard.  Or to destroy property.

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